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Bellows, Covers & Protectors Corp
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When it comes to your bellows, covers, and protectors needs...
Are you tired of hearing,
"No, we don't handle that?"

Give us the opportunity to tell you, "Yes!" We have over thirty years experience solving both the general and the hard to handle bellows applications for a variety of industries. Our broad expertise and manufacturer connections allow us to offer you a broad array of bellows composites, applications, and specifications. If you have a bellows need, we have your bellows answer - YES!

Your industry is unique. We know that. So, when you call us, you receive trusted input and advice from a staff averaging 30 years of experience solving a multitude of bellows applications. Whether it's rubber bellows, metal bellows, or expansion joints - call us to get the results you want.

Very High Heat a Specialty!

  • Accordion Table Skirts
  • Curtains & Strip Curtains
  • Lift Table Bellows
  • Safety Shields
  • Wire Inserted
  • Wire Encapsulated
  • Sewn Neoprene
  • Coated Fiberglass
  • Ceramic

  • Hypalon®, Teflon®
  • Light Weight Bellows
  • Max Strength Bellows
  • Accordion Guards
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Mobile Lift Bellows
  • Ducting
  • Covers, Joints, Vibration
  • Extreme Heat

When you put us to work, the first thing we'll do is ask you questions. Pertinent questions. Each application brings along its own set of dynamics. Thirty years of hands-on experience has taught us that much. And, experience has also taught us that we possess the working knowledge to fulfill your application needs. We have the satisfied clients to prove our claim.

Why should you let us handle your bellows, covers, and protectors needs?

  • 30 years hands-on experience
  • Emergency turn-around offered
  • Applications expertise

  • Large manufacturer network
  • We guarantee our work

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Robot suits, robot protection, robot bellows.   

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